What the Canary wants to Tell You

Yellow Canary

During these final days of 2020 most of us are ready to turn the page. Although the calendar may signify the end we still go on living our lives one day at a time. As I was writing this I closed my eyes and a beautiful yellow canary appeared, like the ones the miners used to monitor the oxygen in the deep dark pits where they worked. To me this canary was a message of hope, of life, of moving forward letting me/us know we still have enough oxygen to breath so keep living, keep doing what you need to do to create the life you want to live, it’s time to create that life!

We have a tendency to hold tension in our body and for some it’s so natural it can go unnoticed.  Here’s a little exercise from Gary Zukav to take with you and to practice at least once a day or as often as needed.


“Close your eyes and take a beautiful deep breath or two.

Ask each muscle to let go of tension and tightness.

Send your body a message that everything is fine.

Everything is at peace.


Take it easy.”  -Gary Zukav

Thank you Gary.

May you enjoy each breath throughout the remaining days of 2020 and each and everyday beyond!

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