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Meet each of our experienced and dedicated team of practitioners:
Sandra Anderson
Hannah Sutter-Balke
Teresa Humphrey

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Sandy Anderson

Sandra Anderson

Owner/Director of Center for Well-Being Lake Country, LLC
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Sandra’s life-long passion and personal journey has led her to a deeper awareness of opening to the gifts of healing the soul and the body in unison. She believes it is the connection of living a heart-centered life of joy that awakens us to our greatness.

It was through focused intention of what was calling her from a deeper awareness that she opened the Center for Well-Being Lake Country, LLC in January 2010 giving others a place to experience the opportunities of expanding awareness and love for themselves as well.

As an avid reader of spiritual and holistic approaches to wellness and self care Sandra is always eager for opportunities to share with others. She is a great lover of Mother Natures many splendid gifts. She feels blessed by her supportive family and friends.

This is an amazing time we are living in, one that encourages us to expand our consciousness and root ourselves in our own truth and purpose.

Most of us live our life within the framework of our relationships and responsibilities and trust that we do it in the best way we know how and to the best of our abilities. But we can lose ourselves in the doing of our life, in the busy activities of the day to day. We can lose our identity, our joy, our focus, and our zest for life.

The journey back to finding ‘ourselves’ isn’t out there it’s the inner journey where we find our true selves and learn to trust and love ourselves again without regret or guilt. When we are fully ourselves and filled with acceptance and unconditional love we have more to share with others without stress, anxiety, or fear.

The holistic and metaphysical philosophy of health and wellness provides tools and techniques to create harmony and balance in your life – whatever that means to you. Everyone’s journey is personal and self-directed.

I believe in this approach in partnership with traditional models of health and wellness. I don’t believe it’s one or the other. It’s also important to have clarity of what that looks like for you personally. It’s important to take back control. Listen to your gut, to your inner guidance and reconnect to your internal GPS. It will never steer you wrong. More info on services


“I just had the most incredible experience with Sandra. I scheduled a session because I have been tired, a bit unfocused, and aching in my right knee. After my session I left pain free, I mean no aching knee whatsoever, and calm, centered, and actually energized! Thank you Sandra.” -M.M.

“I have had an interest in learning more about crystals and so glad I decided to take Sandra’s class. I have much more confidence now in using crystals in my healing work. It was a fun class filled with a broad range of information for incorporating them in my personal and professional life.” -D. S.

“I started Eden Energy Medicine sessions with Sandra for aches and pain in my liver and right side and acute stress. I didn’t think they were related, but after one session with Sandy I was significantly relieved. As Sandra tested and opened my meridians and chakras, things began to flow. I never imagined my liver pain was due to stagnant energy. (My doctor had referred me to a GI doctor for my discomfort). After the second session with Sandy, my liver pain and congestion were gone. Sandy also opens my chakras related to self-love and personal growth as this is my current journey. It’s the little tweaks and leading questions that Sandy provides that are helping me become my true self. Sandy is able to listen, assess and treat me on a higher level of care than I have experienced in the past. And her kindness leads our journey.“ –B.M.

“An energetic session with Sandy, whether it’s in person or remotely, is just the energetic boost I need. After a session it’s so much easier for me to do the things I know my mind and body need to function properly. Thanks Sandy for sharing your gift in such a loving and generous way.” –S.M.

“Upon leaving my appointment I could already tell subtle positive physical changes. We worked on my left shoulder problem, jaw alignment, and hip area. Getting into my car I had to adjust my seat so I was more comfortable, my tongue sat differently in my mouth, and my right ear was very cleared out (hooray!) Also, I felt extremely calm and balanced – like all was right with the world.” -A.B.

“I had been told by several practitioners that my body was in stress mode, but I was thinking my life is so much less stressful now than when I was raising four kids – two of them with ADHD. Sandy worked on my triple warmer meridians, as well as other meridians, and other energy work. When we were done I was amazed at the deep sense of peace that I felt. I hadn’t even realized how stressed I was until…I wasn’t. In the last couple of years, I’ve had several sport related accidents and my physical body was feeling very stressed. Sandy’s work is amazing and she is very intuitive knowing which technique will help the most from her amazing toolbox.” VL

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Hannah Sutter-Balke

Dr. Hannah’s mission is to empower her community to be informed advocates for their health. She aims to educate on the importance of living a balanced lifestyle in order to age well through all stages of life.
With this in mind, her specialty is partnering with people who feel unheard and discouraged due to pain, injury, or poor habits to create a personalized, holistic strategy to reduce pain, reset habits, and rediscover a love for their life without sacrificing their favorite activities, foods, and people in the process. It’s all about balance!

She has worked with middle school to recreational to professional level athletes, but she discovered her passion lies in helping every person truly understand the benefits of movement, mindset, and nutrition to master their health at any season in their life.
Dr. Hannah is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Certified Athletic Trainer who earned both of her degrees from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Follow the link to learn more about her certifications.

Contact information:  414-207-4417
Follow the link to learn more about her certifications and schedule an appointment online –

Terri Humphrey

Teresa Humphrey, LLC

It’s your time to shine!

For Teresa Humphrey, Certified Life Coach and Intuitive, helping children, teens, and women to shine their light and live joyful lives makes her heart sing.

Her many years of working with children and families as a Registered Nurse led her to explore additional ways to help. Personal experience has taught her that we are all unique and there are many different ways to move from darkness to light.

From witnessing a child open up to life and thrive, to experiencing a young woman discovering her life purpose, every encounter is rewarding.
Everyone experiences challenges in life, and when these challenges persist, that can be depleting and disruptive for the client and their loved ones. This is where Teresa’s work comes in. She enjoys helping clients move from a sense of being a victim of circumstance or feeling ‘stuck in the darkness’, into a light-filled and enriching life.

We have all had traumas in life that seem to separate us from our light, out true Self, whether we’ve recognized them as traumas or not. That light shines brightly within, yet we are unable to perceive it in the way we desire. This leads to disempowerment, and disempowerment leaves us more vulnerable to what we perceive as negative influences.

This is what much of our journey is about – reclaiming our light. All of our experiences have value. They all serve a purpose. They are part of our learning, our soul’s growth. When we recognize this, we are able to perceive our experiences as gifts, even the ones we find very difficult. This change in perception allows us to feel freer, even in the midst of challenges. Many clients also become aware during this process that their experiences are preparing them to serve their life purpose more fully or in a different way.

Complete acceptance, openness, warmth, and confidentiality, combined with traditional and non-traditional approaches, and intuitive help are provided in her sessions with clients. Each session is different, tailored to best meet the needs and desires of the client. Clients are empowered to be themselves, to express themselves freely, to find the stillness within, to trust and follow their intuitive guidance, and to take steps to a brighter and more beautiful life that feels softer and more balanced.

In addition to many other approaches, Teresa encourages her clients to incorporate the natural healing properties of nature, color. Light, sound, and movement into their lives.

Change often occurs quickly, as we all have the answers within. When guided and helped with this process, clients become stronger and more resilient, and are able to create their lives based on their own inner guidance. This allows them to shine, to thrive.

Teresa is now available to see clients. Please call her at 414-243-9851 to learn more or to schedule an appointment.

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Jeanette Daft

Jeannette Daft is owner and artistic director of MoonDance, she is a Dance and Yoga instructor and massage therapist. She has studied Raks Sharqi (Belly Dance) for 20 years and has been teaching it for 14. She is a mixture of all forms but her base is Egyptian. She is also a student and instructor of Romani Dance. Turkish and Spanish along with incorporating Argentine Tango and teaches and studies Ballet. She is an avid African Dance student for 15 years along with Ballroom, Modern, and Ballet.
Dance is a life force for her. It is healing therapy for all ailments. She dances from her soul. She knows there is a perfect balance and harmony when the mind, body, soul, and heart align and finds this in the art of movement.

Jeannette has been studying Yoga for approximately 15 years and teaching for 10.

She is trained in the following yoga modalities:

– Dhanda: incorporates a 6-foot staff representing your spine.
– Longi: incorporates a rope reminiscent of a strap
– Letha: a Yoga massage
– Vinyasa: a flow Yoga

Jeannette has been working with people for many years with various ailments including fibromyalgia, arthritis, migraines, vertigo, recovering from brain surgery to name a few.
She believes in intuition and mother natures’ abundant gifts, the power of herbs, and aromatherapy.


I have degenerative disc disease in my cervical and lumbar spine, osteoarthritis, issues with my left hip, and a fractured left wrist with instrumentation (which can become stiff and painful at times). Regular twice monthly massage sessions with Jeannette have helped me maintain my mobility, significantly decrease pain, and provide an overall feeling of relaxation and wellness. She is very professional and always seems to know where to focus before I tell her. I can’t say enough good things about her massages. —Annette Schmidt

Jeannette is a truly natural masseuse. She has released the pressure on a pinched nerve in my sacra muscle, and helps relieve the tension in my neck and shoulders. I would be in a lot of pain without her. —Dawn Wellsfry

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